SW Jackson 2013 DEMO LIST!


Welcome to the second day of Startup Weekend Jackson 2013! Time is a-wasting and the clock is ticking! As the second day inches into the dark hours of the night, several teams have emerged to present tomorrow to three experienced judges.

Friday night proved to have many like-minded individuals brave the waters and pitch their idea in front of the crowd gathered in the Millsaps Leggett Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Of the 29 pitches given, eight were selected by peer votes and seven are still standing the next day.

Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Jackson 2013:

1. Grooopie – Extend the set, music app that connects fans with bands.

2. Home FuelStation – Designed to file the current and projected void for affordable, safe, home-based refueling of your natural gas vehicle.

3. Eagle Marketing Solutions – student-compromised marketing consultant company for local Gulf Coast businesses.

4. ClosetCloud.com – online platform to share, brag, swag, discover, and sell the collest items in the world’s closet.

5. My Money Landscape – “The Marriage of Wall Street and Farmville!”

6. AudioTour – mobile application that allows a user to not only experience, but also help create an audio journey made up of stories, facts, history, urban legends and guides, based on geographical location.

7. Nom Nom JXN – mobile responsive website that gives you a visual menu of restaurant food shots from Instagram and other social media feeds in your local area–pick what looks good and fiind out where it came from.

8. H-Nav – Hospital Navigation (turn by turn directions)

Can’t wait to see how the presentations go tomorrow!

Startup Weekend Jackson Team