Pitch Night!!


Pitch session was a success!!!

Here are a list of the ideas that were pitched on Friday night:

1. Dinnner Bell- crowdsourcing dinner
2. Kick Start Life- Crowd funding for healthcare
3. Energy Storage during low usage periods
4. Testing blood sugar and other vital levels via app
5. Fuel Fetch-Roadside assistance mobile app
6. App that allows users to find real time open reservations for services
7. Victoria’s Apparel- Apparel for tall women
8. MS Genomics
9. Premium Blood Bank
10. Recycle used iPhones
11. Geeks and gigs
12. Wobbly Walrus-alcohol flavored desserts
13. Codey- Medical avatar
14. Wearable attachment that can detect dehydration
15. Smoke detectors integrated into devices like smoke detectors, etc.
16. Web 500 – $500 gets you business consultants, web design, logo design, etc

The Ideas that were chosen were:
1. Fuel Fetch
2. Codey
3. Premium Blood Bank
4. Snag Dragon
5. Kick Start Life
6. MS Genomics
7. Geeks and Gigs

Good Luck Guys!